Information for Members:

This page is designed to give you all the information to participate in this year’s annual meeting.

As the date of the AGM approaches this page will be updated with additional information as it becomes available.

Note due to COVID 19 Pandemic this will meeting will be held online and by telephone. There will be no physical setting.



Important Information:

Who is eligible to attend, Anyone who is a member as of 4 pm, Sept. 11, 2020 is eligible to attend and vote at the AGM.




Eligible members must have registered for the meeting by September 19th at 4 pm.




Members in good standing can nominate candidates for the board, Nominations must be signed by at least two members in good standing.

Nominations for director can be dropped off at Bear Clan’ office 565 Selkirk, or placed in the office’s outside mailbox after hours.

Deadline for nominations is  4 p.m. Saturday, September 19.


Attendance and Voting:

Those who cannot attend the AGM may vote by paper ballot. Ballots can be received and filled in at the Den, the Bear Clan office, 565 Selkirk Ave. between 10 am and 4 p.m. Monday to Thursday. Proof of identity is required to receive a ballot.

Ballot voting will close at the end of the business day, 4 p.m. Thursday, September 24th. 


Participation by telephone:

Eligible members who do not have access to the Internet can join the meeting using a landline phone.



Bear Clan Amendments:

Bear Clan Amendment regarding Board Members – July 02 2020

Bear Clan Amendment regarding Membership – August 13 2020


Bear Clan Candidates:

Linda Campbell – Biography

Melissa Critch – Biography

Mario Cuerto – Biography

Marlene DeLaronde – Biography

John Drabble – Biography

Johnathon Drozdowski – Biography

James Favel – Biography

Warren Goulet – Biography

Kerry LeBlanc – Biography

Madeline Mousseau

Jonathan Meikle – Biography

Brian Shorting – Biography

Parry Francois – Biography

Gilbert Fredette – Biography

Gerry Shingoose – Biography

Brandi Thompson – Biography

Kevin Klein – Biography