Gerry Shingoose – (Sky Woman and Northern Lights Woman) Anishinaabe Nation, Bear Clan and Warrior Spirit Grandmother Turtle, was born in Grandview Mb in 1957, Treaty 4 Territory from Tootinaowaziibeeng Treaty Reserve. She now lives in Winnipeg. She is a Mother, a Grandmother and Great Grandmother. She graduated with her Bachelor of Social Work Degree from University of Manitoba 1998. She has dedicated 30 years in the field of Indigenous Social Work.

She is an Indigenous grassroots grandmother who gives her compassion and love to frontline matters. She is a protector and a voice for the land and waters. She is called on by many events. organizations and Universities to open events with prayer offering and to share her teachings and wisdom.

Since 2015 to current she provides Grandmother guidance and ceremony to Heart Medicine Lodge at Kanikanichihk. Heart Medicine Lodge provides healing from sexual violence and trauma. She also provides Grandmother guidance and provides teachings to the Butterfly Club, Kanikanichihk for children/youth 9-14 years olds.

She carries a knowledge keeper position at the University of Manitoba from January – April Course – Health and Health Services of First Nation, Metis and Inuit Peoples. 2020/21 will be her 4th year teaching the course along with Dr Josee Lavoie and Dr Melinda Fowler-Woods.

She retired in Feburary 2020 and found the community still requires support and guidance especially in this tiring time with COVID-19. She goes when tobacco calls on her for guidance, support and ceremony.

A crucial part of her life to share is; Gerry is a 9 year Residential School Survivor inspired by the closing of the TRC she received a vision from ancestors to share her story. In which has shared her story with over 10,000 students from kindergarden, elementry, junior high , high school and universtity students. Gerry, “is a gifted storyteller and cherished knowledge keeper. The love and strength she demonstrates in the sharing of her experience as a residential school survivor, is truly a gift. So many have been touched by her gentle and important teachings.” -Tasha Spillett.

Her late father Henry Shingoose, Keewatin – Anishinaabe medicine man brought ceremony and teachings to Behavioural Health Foundation. Gerry values her knowledge and teachings of ceremony from her late father. As Her father taught her the ceremonies are always for the people and are to be lead with compassion and love for all people.

In closing, Gerry would like to bring her experience, knowledge, wisdom and teachings to the Bear Clan CommUnity.