My name is Gilbert Fredette I’m a proud Cree/Innu Indigenous man. I’m also a proud father and grandfather. I am a member of the Norway House Cree Nation, but I was born and raised in central Winnipeg.

I would be honored to become a Bear Clan Board Member. Growing up as an Indigenous person in central Winnipeg wasn’t easy in the 1970’s and still isn’t easy in 2020. Systematic racism, racial profiling, and trying to just survive in systems that were not designed for Indigenous people to flourish and be proud of who they are and what our traditions stand for. I’m a intergenerational survivor of Residential Schools and grew up humble and poor. I have worked very hard to obtain three degrees, my last Degree being a Masters of Native Studies at the U of M 2014. I also served my community of Norway House as vice chief/councillor 2014-2018. So I have two very unique Indigenous perspectives that I must share and give back to the Indigenous people. I have worked with the United Way and Siloam Mission and founded “Chiefs at Christmas 2017-present”. I currently work for the First Nations Health and Social Secretariat of Manitoba on a project to try to address opioid and substance abuse in our communities.

I believe in the mission and foundation of what the Bear Clan stands for. This is why I would be honored and humbled to serve Indigenous people and non-Indigenous people who are in need and want to do better.

I thank you for reading my journey and hope to walk with the Bear Clan into a better tomorrow for our Indigenous people of today.

Meegwetch, Ekosani