Kevin spent over 15 years as a Senior Executive for three of Canada’s most recognized companies including his time as Publisher & CEO of the Winnipeg Sun and as a divisional President for MTS responsible for the creation of a new digital division.

Kevin was recognized as a finalist for Canada’s Top Forty Under Forty and for the creation of a business/community funded K-9 Unit for a Police Service in Ontario where he was the Chairm of the Community Division.

Kevin has earned several professional awards for his accomplishments and recognition for his dedication to young people in hockey and martial arts and his personal commitment and advocacy to stop Domestic Violence.

“I decided to run for Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood because I live here, what impacts you, impacts me and my family. I believe we need a more practical and disciplined approach at City Hall. We need to challenge how the City spends peoples hard earned money. We must review how current tax dollars are allocated and gauge their effectiveness. We must improve communication and transparency with residents, nothing should be hidden from the people we work for, meaning those who elected us.”

“I will start by holding senior administrators accountable when it impacts people’s homes and when spending tax payers money. I’ve never been afraid to ask tough questions, those questions will continue at City Hall, because we cannot accept the status quo.”

“I will act immediately on crime, my family have been victims of crime recently, we can no longer sit back and do nothing. I would get to work on this day one. I previously held the role of Community Chairman for a Police Service and we addressed similar problems in that community of rising crime and drugs. As a group we were able to develop and implement a few creative initiatives that were successful. Reassigning officers or increasing patrols alone doesn’t always work. We need to develop a strategy with defined outcomes that can be measured for success and altered if we’re not achieving the results. It’s been done before in Winnipeg, it was successful and we can do it again.”

Kevin is considered a successful and accomplished senior executive. His strong analytical and communication skills and ability to assess internal and external operational opportunities and issues will bring a new, fresh approach to City Hall. Kevin will always answer your call, because he believes you come first.

Here’s what some people have said about Kevin Klein.

“I have the utmost respect for Kevin Klein. He is an honest, upfront individual, and you can’t help but want to be involved with doing good work together.” Floyd Wiebe.
“I’ve appreciated Kevin’s professionalism in my dealings with him. He’s an energetic and committed leader with a strong commitment to the community.” Hugh McFayden
“He’s an innovative thinker with the ability to listen and create positive changes.” Bruno Niederer
“Kevin was the best person I’ve ever worked for. He’s a charismatic leader who empowers others and pushes them to be better at what they do every day.” Ryan Stoneham
“Kevin is a strategic, innovative and forward-thinking leader. Working with him is both a joy and a privilege.” Ryan Bowman
His platform as a highly visible and credible businessman has given a voice for those too afraid or ashamed to speak about their painful experiences. He has, and does our city and province a great service! John Mohan
“I had the opportunity to work with Kevin for several years and I found problem solving, leadership, and his openness to different outside the box opportunities well above average from most of the people at his senior level I have worked with.” Chris Talbot.