I am a North End resident, long time helper in the community and mother of 3 children. In our traditional clan system, I am a member of the Beaver Clan, with those teachings guiding in how I travel along my journey through this life as a Mi’kmaw Two-Spirit person. The teachings the beaver has bestowed upon me is to be a community builder. With the gifts given to them by Creator, the beaver finds the areas with water and uses the resources provided by Mother Earth, to grow the water, protect it, and provide for it by maintaining the waterway. Water is life and medicine; it invites the whole community to thrive, from plants, fish, birds, otters to bears and moose. Our women are the water carriers and foundation of our communities, when they are cared for and protected; our communities thrive. Bear Clan Patrol Inc came from a need to protect our women, our most sacred medicine.

I serve the community in one capacity as a director on the board of 2 different Indigenous organizations since 2014, currently as treasurer. I am also a community outreach worker at St. John’s High school supporting students and families, as well as participating in my children’s schools parent councils. I use my skills, knowledge, and experience to serve the community with my whole heart.

I have been a Bear Clan Patrol Inc member since 2015 as a date night with my spouse and have continued to support the organization in various ways since that time. I have been a victim of violence in my past and deeply value the role Bear Clan Patrol Inc has within the community and the hope this organization brings to our families in the North End.

Melissa Critch