Parry Francois is Cree man who was born and raised in Pukatawagan (Matthias Colomb Band) within Treaty 6 territory. Raised by his Cree grandparents and who lived off the land, Parry was very fortunate to be taught to learn from the land of his ancestors about how to live a balanced life, both spiritually and physically. He was also taught by his dad, a medicine man that taught him the teachings of healing. Parry acknowledges his dad, as his teacher who was instrumental in guiding Parry on the importance of spirituality.
13 years ago Parry’s dad passed on the responsibility of helping others in their healing journey through the transfer of the Sundance lodge. As a Sundance Chief, Parry learned the protocols as a Sundancer himself and a helper in the Sundance ceremony for the past 29 years.
Parry also received other ceremonies to help others, some of these ceremonies include;
the sweat lodge, shaking tent and doctoring through ceremony and traditional medicines. He also has helped others through the following practices that include; Healing hands, Facilitating circles, 7 teachings and Counselling.
Parry is also a grandfather and single father who is currently working with Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs has cultural Advisor to the Grand Chief.