Winnipeg — July 31, 2020 The Bear Clan Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of
Kevin Walker as Bear Clan Patrol Inc. interim executive director following the departure of executive
director James Favel.

Walker started out as a volunteer and is currently employed as Bear Clan’s lead coordinator where he steers
the organization’s community search efforts, coordinates special events, recruits volunteers, oversees
community networking and the promotion of local chapters, and coordinates the organization’s North End
chapter. His appointment is effective immediately.

“Bear Clan is proud to appoint Kevin Walker as interim executive director,” said board chairperson
Shaneen Robinson-Desjarlais. “He walks several times a week with the patrols. He captures their activities
on our Facebook page so our community learns about the important work our staff and volunteers do. He
fundraises. Kevin is at the heart of our community — he lives and breathes our community-centric approach
to crime prevention, relationship building, neighbourhood safety, solidarity and belonging. We are excited
to see him bring these insights and experiences to our community of staff and volunteers.”

The board of directors thanks outgoing executive director James Favel for his six-year commitment to the
organization, and for his role as one of three founding members in its second installation in August 2014.
During his tenure, a number of initiatives have led to the successful expansion of Bear Clan Patrol Inc. into a
respected and well-loved organization that has inspired like-minded groups across Canada.
Bear Clan is currently assessing its operational needs and will determine the best course of action moving
forward with regard to senior staff leadership.

About Bear Clan
Bear Clan Patrol is a community-based solution to crime prevention, providing a sense of safety, solidarity
and belonging to both our members and to the communities we serve. This is achieved by community
people working with the community in a non-violent, non-threatening, non-judgmental and supportive
manner primarily through relationship building and reconciliation. The Bear Clan draws its direction from
traditional Indigenous philosophies and practices. The Patrol operates out of the Bear Clan Den, located at
584 Selkirk Ave in the city’s North End and is a registered charity. It was first formed in Winnipeg’s North End
in 1992.

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