The Bear Clan has moved into a new space in Winnipeg’s North End. It is a small open area with one bathroom. Still located on Selkirk Avenue, the office is so new it hasn’t been set up yet and on this night that is a good thing. It is standing room only as volunteers, a dozen media, and Grand Chief Arlen Dumas all wait for Governor General Julie Payette to

The Manitoba government is investing nearly $200,000 to provide support and assistance to the Bear Clan Patrol’s community crime prevention and intervention efforts, Justice Minister Cliff Cullen and Municipal Relations Minister Jeff Wharton announced today. “We understand how important the Bear Clan Patrol is to our community,” said Cullen.  “By promoting safety, offering support and providing assistance, the group helps reduce crime and keep our streets safe.” Over $126,000 is

A local military outfitter has reached out to Winnipeg’s Bear Clan Patrol, providing a thoughtful but important donation. Urban Tactical posted on Facebook that they donated 100 pairs of Needlestick gloves to the group. “We’re happy to be able to help keep the volunteer Bear Clan Patrol members a little safer,” Urban Tactical wrote. The Bear Clan says they’ve recovered over 30,000 used needles off of Winnipeg streets this year, so far.

growing community support group is getting a space of its own. The Bear Clan Patrol is known for their efforts finding missing youth and working to keep Winnipeg streets safe. For the past four years, the group has worked out of a shared space. That will soon change. The group announced on their Facebook page they will soon move their operations to a dedicated space at 584 Selkirk Ave. in November. The

The Bear Clan says they pulled nearly six grams of methamphetamine off Winnipeg’s streets Friday night – more than they’ve ever found before. To put that into context, a point of meth costs about $10, which could keep someone high for nearly 13 hours, says James Favel, co-founder of the Bear Clan Patrol. There are about 10 points per gram of meth, he explained. “All the stuff we’ve found to

The Bear Clan Patrol in Winnipeg re-emerged after the discovery of 15-year old Tina Fontaine’s body was pulled from the Red River.  Bear Clan started with 12 members in 2014 and has now grown to more than 500 volunteers in Winnipeg.  Other chapters are beginning to pop up around the country. Watch the video here:

What began as a fight to make his city safer and has morphed into a nationwide success story has almost left Bear Clan Patrol co-founder James Favel homeless. “It’s tough financially,” Favel said. “They had sent somebody to my house with one of those notices that the inspector’s branch wanted to come in and look at my house to get it ready for auction.” Favel estimates he’s working 100 hours