The original Bear Clan will be moving to a bigger, better den as the safety patrol group prepares to open a second location in Winnipeg this winter, its executive director says. Bear Clan Patrol Inc., a volunteer-driven group based in the inner city, recently moved into its home at 584 Selkirk Avenue — and is expanding to a new-and-improved location just down the block. “We were growing faster than we were able. We’re

Only hours after James Favel bemoaned where he’d find the money to help Winnipeg’s Bear Clan Patrol, he got a cheque and a handshake he never expected. “Just like that,” he said, “our whole organization changed.” The volunteer group patrolling Winnipeg’s toughest streets collected a $50,000 donation from Kirby and Marie Fontaine — millionaires who have quietly been divvying up their $50 million lottery win since they won the Lotto Max in 2009. The couple from Sagkeeng First Nation

Winnipeg’s Bear Clan Patrol Inc. has cut ties with the group’s Thunder Bay chapter. Bear Clan Patrol Inc. executive director James Favel said Tuesday that the decision came as a result of what he called “divisive” rhetoric being posted on the Thunder Bay group’s Facebook page over the past several months. “Bottom line is our mission and values have not been respected by the Bear Clan chapter in Thunder Bay,” Favel told

The Bear Clan says they pulled nearly six grams of methamphetamine off Winnipeg’s streets Friday night – more than they’ve ever found before. To put that into context, a point of meth costs about $10, which could keep someone high for nearly 13 hours, says James Favel, co-founder of the Bear Clan Patrol. There are about 10 points per gram of meth, he explained. “All the stuff we’ve found to

What began as a fight to make his city safer and has morphed into a nationwide success story has almost left Bear Clan Patrol co-founder James Favel homeless. “It’s tough financially,” Favel said. “They had sent somebody to my house with one of those notices that the inspector’s branch wanted to come in and look at my house to get it ready for auction.” Favel estimates he’s working 100 hours