Linda Campbell


Linda Campbell is an Indigenous Woman who currently sits on the Bear Clan Board of Directors as Vice-Chair. Linda’s guidance is the seven Grandfather Teachings, which are Respect, Courage, Humility, Wisdom, Honesty, and Truth, which is a set of teachings on human conduct towards others. Linda has a lengthy history of being involved in the community with proven success. Linda is a mother, grandmother, and a great grandmother. Linda is the Native Clan Org Reintegration Officer/Section 84 Coordinator and plays a positive role with those she works for. Linda operated a Facilitating Business so that she could continue in teaching healthy living along with being a Triple P Practioner and she is a Commissioner for Oath. Linda is a strong advocate for those involved in the justice system and their families who may face homelessness, addictions, and mental health concerns and has created large Networking Groups within Winnipeg. Linda provides tremendous support through teachings and guidance as well as modeling healthy and respectful interpersonal skills both to those incarcerated and in the community. Linda completed her six-year term as the National Indigenous Director of Canada for the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada and constantly recognizes the need for homelessness issues regarding Indigenous People. Linda has been a past President of the North End Women’s Center and past President of the Lord Selkirk Women’s Centre/Youth Alliance. In the past, Linda was nominated for the Women of Distinction Award in Winnipeg where she was able to stand alongside other committed volunteers. Linda currently serves as President of the Board of Directors with a Winnipeg Co-op Housing.