The Bear Clan Patrol is known for their walking patrols, but they’re now stepping up to help the community in a new way.

For the past week, the organization has also been supplying clothing and food donations to the community through their den at 584 Selkirk Ave.

James Favel, the executive director, says in the past six days they’ve already helped more than 500 people.

“We’re doing a sandwich station for people to come in off the street. They can get a sandwich, a warm meal, a soup or porridge — something instant and then we have food donations coming in six days a week so we are giving food out to the community free of charge without any hassles,” he said.

The idea was sparked from seeing the need in the community.

The den is also a space for people to stay warm and grab some food or a coffee.

“Right now, especially in this cold if there’s any community members who come her and want to be here we are going to stay open as long as we can,” Favel said.

Favel says the Bear Clan’s mandate has grown through committed volunteers to meet the demands.

“It kinda blows my mind,” he said. “It was 12 of us now we are 1,500 volunteers serving 45 communities nation-wide. It’s crazy. I didn’t see this coming.”

Susan Chief started out as a volunteer four years ago, she says seeing the growth has been inspiring.

“That’s the most rewarding part, is seeing the appreciation on all their faces. There have been some that have come here and when we tell them it’s free, some of them start crying. that’s the whole purpose. It makes you tear up,” she said.

“It’s all about the people for me. It’s helping the people who are stranded out there.”

The Bear Clan is in need of donations of food and warm clothing. Anything can be dropped off at their location at 584 Selkirk Ave.

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