George Robinson

Nominated by: Mark Arabit, Melissa Robinson, Barbara Young, Amanda Hayes, Tammy Walters, Michael Young

I won’t bother chatting about myself but I will say that Bear clan board of directors need people who walk with patrols. People who mingle in the community with our people in need. Bear Clan cannot be directed by people who have no clue of what is required on the streets of Winnipeg. This is not a resume filler, people rely on the decisions made by this board. You have to care like it is your own life. It is not about making you look better. In addition one has to be active at every meeting, not when they have the time. Be at every event, at every fundraiser etc etc. They need to be transparent with every step of the way in finance and building a better Bear Clan.

Your vote is coming members, vote for those who walk. Make it count with who you select. If you don’t know who the walkers are, ask that question. Thanks all have a great day.